About Poker Bonus Code

Poker Bonus Code is a blog that tells poker players about very good poker bonuses and poker rakeback deals. There is a world of poker sites that offer various agreements and the poker jungle is indeed very difficult to comprehend for new players. The individual deals with different names, whether it is called rakeback, bonuses, VIP or loyalty program, in principle reflects exactly the same thing. Namely the fact, that a poker player gets something of the poker room, where he plays poker online.

It is unquestionable an important thing and there are plenty of things to be taken into account in making a decision. If you are looking after a huge site, PokerStars is without a doubt the best choice, as the world’s biggest online poker room. However, they are not able to create an account with direct rakeback, as their policy is that they simply do not offer players that rebate scheme. Instead you find PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent, which actually is among the best with up to 50 % return for players.

Poker has become a sport for the people and the basis for this blog is to help all these people find the poker room that best suits individual needs. Players who enjoy looking at games, where large sums of money is changing hands, should make a Full Tilt Poker Rakeback account, as this is where the biggest games occur today and you get 27 % direct rakeback.

For PokerStars Rakeback use poker bonus code PSP7824, when asked to full PokerStars Marketing code, and use poker bonus code RIDER600 for Full Tilt Poker Rakeback. You can sign through the links above.

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