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PokerStars is Huge and Massively Entertaining

pokerstars-online-pokerPokerStars is the most enormous online poker room that is in existence today with tens of millions of registered players active in the card room. It has achieved this incredible status since it was launched in the year 2000 by offering a generous welcome bonus of up to $600 and a broad variety of freeroll tournaments to brand new customers who sign up to become members of the card room. PokerStars has its very own poker software powering the card room which is constantly improved by a big team of experts who are very happy to act on feedback from players who make suggestions on how to improve the poker experience in the card room.

Enter Tournaments with Frequent Player Points

PokerStars facilitates the task of building a bank roll by giving endless opportunities to its registered players to take advantage of bonus opportunities that are regularly posted under the promo tab and a variety of special offers that are always changing keeping the card room fresh and exciting. Every month holds new thrilling special offers and satellite tournaments that cost a few cents to enter making it very cheap to qualify for very important tournaments online and offline.

PokerStars hosts a multitude of live events which are prestigious and sought after by players all over the world. Tens of thousands of PokerStars players qualify to go to the live events through low cost satellite tournaments which in some cases you can buy into with Frequent Player Points or FPPs awarded to players automatically for all real money poker play in the card room. Register a new account today with PokerStars using our link below and the bonuscode PSP5957.

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Discover Your Passion for Poker at Betsafe Poker Red

betsafe-pokerRegister a new account now at Betsafe Poker Red and you will be able to choose from a selection of welcome bonuses that can go as high as $2,500 when you use our link below and the appropriate bonus code. There are so many games and tournaments to choose from and a massive number of promotions to boost your poker bankroll enormously that it is definitely a must!

Betsafe Poker Red has a very ‘up to date’ image suited to the most dynamic players seeking a card room where they can express themselves powerfully at the poker tables. No matter what level or what stakes you are seeking in the cash ring games you will always find players ready to play at any time of the day or night and the tournaments give you superb opportunities to battle your way to the top winning a lion’s share of the guaranteed prizepools which are mouth watering.

Never a Dull Moment at Betsafe Poker Red

Betsafe Poker Red operates on the OnGame Poker Network which guarantees a high volume of players in the card room at all times as many poker rooms are part of the network giving a lot more guaranteed tournaments for you to enjoy. The promotions are innovative and provocative getting players to take up the many challenges that are posted especially from month to month where there are dedicated monthly league tables associated with poker races rewarding players for their grinding and tenacity through the month. You can get up to 40% cash back every month on your poker play so make sure that read the offers carefully. You can register a new account today using our link below and remember to select the bonus that you want and include that bonus code on registration.

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Loyalty is Key To Rewards at Ladbrokes Poker

ladbrokes-poker newer logoThe Ladbrokes Poker Club is a practical well thought out reward scheme for its loyal online customers who show month by month their commitment to playing at Ladbrokes Poker. It doesn’t matter to Ladbrokes whether you are a brilliant player or a newbie, the thing that is important is the regular participation in real money play. You can try out the ring games of which there are plenty available at every stake and level as well as in different poker variants, with the rules carefully described in the online Poker School at Ladbrokes Poker which is accessible for absolutely free.

Take Time to Study The Rules

You can learn all there is to know about poker tournaments with plenty of freeroll tournaments promoted by the team at Ladbrokes which are free to enter, giving players the possibility of boosting their bankrolls and gaining confidence in the mechanics of playing in tournaments. Most new players have never taken part in a poker tournament before signing up and to approach a tourney on the internet without experience staking your cash can be daunting. The Ladbrokes Poker freerolls have guaranteed prizefunds that are distributed to players on the final table who finish in the money.

The satisfaction of winning cash and gaining precious tournament experience without spending your own money is intense so try it out as soon as possible. You can register a new account today at Ladbrokes Poker using our link below and when you include the bonuscode RIDERS you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to €1,000 which is a generous sum of money and gives you a great start at the tables.

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Play Pokasino Games at Betfred Poker for Big Rewards

betfred poker no 2Pokasino is a really innovative promotion that enhances your Betfred Poker experience enormously as you get huge rewards for playing casino games directly from your poker lobby when you download the poker client at Betfred Poker. You don’t need to log out of the poker client and log in afresh to the Betfred Casino as you are given direct access to a fabulous suite of games from the poker room in the pokasino area, dispelling the poker fatigue that can set in if you sit for long periods at the poker tables or whilst waiting for a scheduled tournament to begin. Pokasino gives you infinite opportunities to win huge sums of cash from the great games which have massive jackpots in many cases, cash that you can use for buying the things that you would love to own or to enter online tournaments at Betfred Poker where the prizefunds can be huge.

Weekly and Monthly Freerolls for Pokasino Players

Betfred Poker customers who play at the pokasino games selection staking at least £25 each week between Friday and the following Thursday get entry to the £250 weekly freeroll that takes place every Thursday at 7.30 pm UK time. A monthly free roll is also scheduled for players who stake at least £100 in a month on Pokasino games where £1,000 guaranteed is put up for grabs. Register your new account today at Betfred Poker using our link below and get your welcome bonus of up to $400 which is a generous amount of money helping you make a great start at Betfred Poker.

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Bet Victor Never Fails To Offer Fabulous Promos

Every time the players at Bet Victor Poker log on to the home page they at presented with a wonderful selection of promotions that are appealing to every kind of poker player. It doesn’t matter if you have just started out in the world of poker and are seeking to expand your knowledge, there are low priced tournament buy ins which give you the experience and build up your confidence.

Boost Your Bankroll in the Freerolls

Players at Bet Victor poker are invited with the greatest of pleasure to participate in the daily Bankroll Builder freerolls which run from Sunday to Thursday and guarantee a daily prizepool of €50 for those winners who come to participate every evening at 9pm Central European Time. As soon as you compete in the freerolls you earn Leaderboard points and are positioned on the leaderboard which is finalized every Thursday. Twenty players divide up the €500 prize between them just as a reward for having played in the freerolls and achieved one of the top 20 positions!

Bet Victor is great at giving money away to its regulars and helping them to boost their bank rolls nicely at regular intervals. When you have a comfortable cushion in your poker account you start to consider more lucrative tournaments whether they are Multi-table tourneys or Single table Sit & Go tournaments which are tailored to suit the players who cannot plan ahead. The variety is enormous so you can click on the tournaments tab and browse through the offerings in a leisurely way. Register a new account today with Bet Victor Poker using our link below to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to €1,000.


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Become a Citizen of the PokerStars Community

pokerstars-online-pokerPokerStars is an absolutely incredible online card room which is just about the closest thing to a fully integrated international and multi-cultural community. Millions of people from all around the planet earth are registered as active players at the Pokerstars Virtual Poker City which is really what it represents today. EveryBody who joins the PokerStars community is in with a great chance of becoming a star himself or herself if they have the passion, the patience and a good strategy. There are thousands of money making opportunities at Pokerstars and it really doesn’t depend on your bankroll as to whether you make it big.

Grab Your All Inclusive Package for a Live Event

Every single day sees plenty of exciting action at the satellite tourney tables where players can register for just a few cents and grind through to qualifiers and free entry to very expensive tournaments for absolutely free. Thousands of players are sent to live poker events every year with the pros from Team PokerStars. Free all inclusive packages are up for grabs and it is just a matter of taking your time and playing hard and long to get your seat that could see you become a star in the world of poker.

A great deal of attention is paid to giving female poker players their own action at the tables but of course there is a very high percentage of women players seated amongst the guys at PokerStars tourney tables and a ring games. The great thing about the internet and the use of nicknames when you play is that nobody needs to know your gender and the atmosphere at the tables is neutral and totally unbiased. Playing poker at PokerStars is an amazing entertainment experience every time as you can interact with other players if you wish and keep up with the news and events which are all recorded and posted on the site. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and the bonuscode PSP5957 and you will sure of receiving your welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Make It To The Sunday Million at PokerStars

pokerstars-online-poker PokerStars is the only card room in the world that offers a guaranteed prizepool of $1 million dollars in its famous Sunday Million online tournament. Most people have heard of this amazing tournament where poker players log on from far and wide to enjoy the toughest poker play you could ever imagine. The buy in fee is a cool $215 which may sound a lot but when you consider that you stand to walk away with at least $150,000 guaranteed as the winner then it is extremely reasonable. Usually the cash far exceeds the million as so many players flock to participate as you never know where it could lead you.

When Luck Is On Your Side!

Many a ‘newbie’ has done exceedingly well at PokerStars as the satellite tournaments which run for every significant online and live tournament all week long permit the players with the least experience and smallest bankrolls to grind their way to a free seat in the Sunday Million where the experience is absolutely invaluable. There is every possiblity that your skill coupled with a generous dose of luck could see you to the final table where the bucks are very big indeed and the esteem that you will gain absolutely huge.

You can find out the details of the satellite tournaments for the Sunday Million and many more tourneys under the tournament tab in your poker client. Every second of the day sees a fresh tournament beginning so you can get experience daily. Register a new account now using our link below and the bonuscode PSP5957 to be sure of getting your sign up bonus of up to $600.

Play Poker at PokerStars. Get $600 deposit bonus here!

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Brilliant Sign Up Package Offered at Bwin Poker

Bwin Poker gives all its customers and potential customers access to the poker school which has the most amazing poker tutorials for absolutely free. At Bwin Poker you are able to discover a wealth of information that is rarely available on a card room website and if you can access the info it is only after registering and depositing cash in your new account.

Bwin Poker is such a brilliant poker room with outstanding poker software and a huge number of advantages rarely seen in a card room that it has no qualms about permitting potential customers to browse around and find out about all the marvelous features and offers. You can try out the poker software in demo mode directly on the landing page and enter 10 Rookie Tournaments for free without depositing one cent in a new account. Your initial deposit to your new Bwin Poker account is matched with a bonus of the same value of up to $500 and you are invited to play twice daily in freeroll tournaments with a guaranteed prizepool of $1,000 which can prove to be a great bank roll booster.

Linux Operating Systems Now Accepted

From the moment that you begin to play in real money tournaments and at cash ring games you earn player points which are added up for you automatically and serve to unlock poker bonuses that are really valuable and can be used to buy in to tournaments or goods from the online store. You are now able to download the poker software even if you have a Linux operating system which is unheard of to date! Register a new account today using our link below and you will be basking in the benefits poured onto you by Bwin Poker in no time at all!

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Plenty of Fabulous Rewards for Loyalty to Ladbrokes Poker

When you join the Ladbrokes Poker virtual venue, you automatically enter into an innovative Players Club which gives you rewards at every opportunity. As soon as you begin to wager real money on ring games and tournaments you will earn 10 player points for every $1 spent on rake contributions and tournament fees. The points are visible in the poker lobby and you can watch them adding up, leading to fantastic bonuses and rake back as well as an ever improving status in the Players Club. Rake is the percentage that the poker venue takes for providing the online service to its players and the small tournament buy in fee is for the same purpose. Ladbrokes Poker rewards its players for loyalty by returning a percentage of its own cut at an increasing rate up to 30% depending on the level of play which is reflected in the number of player points accrued over the month.

Start at Bronze and Climb to Gold!

The initial club level is the bronze status which includes all players with up to 499 player points each month. It may be the lowest level in the reward program but the benefits are excellent despite this, entitling you to a 10% cash loyalty bonus, points to spend in the poker shop at Ladbrokes as well as entry for free to a guaranteed €200 freeroll tournament that is held on the 15th of each month. You are also permitted to use your points to buy into multi-table tournaments and Sit & Gos where you can win a share of the guaranteed prizes that are always up for grabs.

Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Poker through our link below using the bonuscode RIDERS to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $1,000 getting you off to a marvelous start.

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Massive Prizefunds and Bonuses at PartyPoker

PartyPoker has one of the most rewarding VIP schemes in place giving loyal customers who have achieved Palladium VIP status with up to 50% rake-back through the PartyPoints store. You have 3 full months to get the 9,000 points together needed to arrive at the Palladium VIP status level and when you get there you are treated like a very, very important person by your personal accounts manager who is there to guide you and show you all the wonderful options open to Palladium VIP players at PartyPoker.

Your PartyPoints do Count

All players are rewarded for their real money play with PartyPoints which are the foundation stones of the lucrative reward scheme. The minute that you deposit money in your account and begin to play any sort of poker variant in the superb selection of ring games at all stakes and levels, opt for single table tournaments which are also referred to commonly as Sit & Go tournaments, or play in the massive spectrum of multi-table tournaments scheduled around the clock at PartyPoker you earn PartyPoints at the rate of 2 points for each dollar of rake contributed at the cash tables for each hand where you see the flop and for every 2 dollars of cash paid in tournament fees.

Bear in mind that players in an online card room don’t play against the house, so in order to cover running costs the card room needs to charge a tiny percentage to customers which is termed ‘rake’ and buy in fee. Register a new account today with PartyPoker using our link below and include the bonuscode RIDER500 to get the welcome bonus of up to $500.

Join Party Poker and earn bonus and points!

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