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Weekly £2000 Big Bet Bounty Competition at 888Sport

At 888Sport it’s now the winning punters who are also being rewarded in an innovative new betting competition that gives out £2,000 of freebies every week.

It’s rare for punters to get a pat on the back from their sportsbook for being so good at predicting the winners but at 888Sport you can expect to be shocked in the best way possible with dynamic promotions which never conform to the ‘norms’.


How it Works

Register an account at 888Sport and start placing accumulator bets during the weekly promotional period from Monday to Sunday to be entered automatically into the ‘Big Bet Bounty competition’.

The highest winning odds determine the position of each competitor on the weekly leaderboard, so the higher the winning odds the higher your leaderboard position. Just one leaderboard entry per member is allowed each week and bear in mind that losing bets don’t qualify for this promo and only the final odds settlement counts.

The leaderboard is updated every 24 hours with the exception of Saturday and Sunday so just keep on placing your accumulator bets of at least £5 a time over the weekend and you will see your final position on Monday morning just as the new competition week begins.


Free Bet Prizes

Ten positions on the leaderboard with the highest winning odds will be awarded free bet prizes starting off with a massive £888 of free bets broken down into 8 X £100 of bets plus an £88 bet. The punter in second position will receive £500 of free bets broken down into 5X £100 and third position gets £300 divided into 3X £100 of bets with the punter in fourth position receiving £200 of free bets. Position 5 gets a £100 free bet, positions 6, 7 and 8 get free bets worth £50 each and a £25 free bet goes to position 9 and 10.

The bets must be used within 7 days or they expire and it is important to use them in their entirety without breaking them up and wagering them on a range of different sports betting markets.

Free bets can’t be used on permutations but on straight line multiples and singles. The winnings paid out from wagering free bets never include the value of the wager so don’t be surprised as this is normal practice with any online sports book offering free bet rewards.

Customers who sign up to 888Sport now are immediately eligible for a exclusive welcome offer where their first single or straight line multiple bet of up to £10 gets paid out at triple the odds. Get your amazing welcome offer now as we don’t know how long it will last!

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.